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Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Somerset. The info and images below have been supplied by Aux writer Donald Brown and various others.

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The following are suspected members of the patrol.

Lt Clifford HG Coombs
Sgt Clifford Banner
Sgt Cecil Frederick Trego
Cpl Kenneth Victor Watts
Cpl Frederick Hayter
Ronald Banner
Sam Gilling
Arthur Lovell
Edward L Pearce
Kenneth 'Tubby' Weymouth

Cpl Frederick Hayter was a Scout Master prior to the war years and the ‘young Tubby Weymouth’ was a member of his troop. Tubby subsequently was called up and served in SAS.

Cpl Frederick Hayter was called up in 1943 (he had signed on in 1939) but we don’t know how long he was with the Aux patrol. It was many years before what he had really been doing was known about. He served in Reconnaissance Corps in Northern Europe, was at the liberation of Holland, and moved forward with Canadian troops to cross the Rhine. After the end of the war he was in Germany with The Commission for Europe. Demobbed in January 1946. He died in 1971 aged 59. His family always maintained that his heart problems were due to the war. There is, of course, no proof of this.

The operational base for the Sandford Levvy patrol was located in the Mendip mines and caves.

This very early image shows the men on their first trip to the OB.

Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit 1               Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit 2 

(Above left) Cecil Trego sat beside young Ken Weymouth while Cpl Hayter examined a beer bottle. Lt Cliff Combs is leant against the bunk (made of chicken wire). Ammunition boxes are stacked alongside.

Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit 3

Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit 4

Inside their Ob the patrol plan their sabotage.

Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit 5

Sandford Levvy Auxiliary Unit 6

Cpl Watts, Lt Coombs, Pte Weymouth and Pte Trego displaying their new weapons in Sandford quarry.

Sgt Fred Trego of Sandford Patrol fortunately kept some of his notes after training at Coleshill. His widow Mrs Nora Trego kindly makes them available, with the photos of Sandford Patrol and OB. Fred also left a copy of his personal Kit List and a sketch of how to construct an OB trapdoor, seen below.

Sgt Fred Trego's Trap Door Plans 

Sgt Fred Trego's Trap Door Plans

Sgt Fred Trego's Kit List

Sgt Fred Trego's Kit List


A big thanks to Kevin from a exploring website for the images below of the area and inside the mine. They were taken in May 2016.

Approach to the mine entrance.

Entrance to the mine. A tight squeeze.

The area of the Operational Base.

Left over signs of the bunk beds.

Observation Post/s:  Currently unknown

Currently unknown

Currently unknown

 Currently unknown

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